Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Learn, Read, Write, Listen in English

For somebody in the future!
I think it is my first text in English. I know about my difficulty in English, such my communication, comprehension or my written. But, every day I try improve myself, I try read, learn and listen more.
English it is a good language, everybody speak and everybody need learn English. I don’t know why, but, it is the reason of the world. I don’t have idea why Spanish or Portuguese don’t be the first and second language, but I know something, I need learn and I need now.
I have nice friend’s, they help me when I need. Dunja is a girl from Servia; I like a lot this girl, because every time she stay in my side, when I need or when I feeling alone, her stay there, for help me and make me happy. Aziz, my other friend is good for me, he is from England, his help me when I have doubt in English, but he is very interesting him, because he don’t speak English England even having been born there. Thereby, he is a big friend.
Oh, I can’t forgot my guardians angels, in specialty, Silvio Alvarez, I guess, don’t have words to explain how much him so important in my life. Besides that I want and I need to say thank you to Juliana and Ricardo. The English course, in English Towns has helped me a lot. I thank them.
So, still has Thiago, Fábio and Neide my Brazilian friend’s I loved them.
Since I arrived here how many things happened, I needed open an account on the bank, buy a new cellphone number and sign my contract of the dormitory. So, I didn’t know anything about how I would do it, but I made.
Now, somehow I survived, I’m here, writing this letter, for you. I don’t know whether someone on one day will read this. But, I know that is so important to my life. Whenever think where I arrived I can to see how much I got. Because I got out from Brazil to Budapest so quickly, I can’t believe what it is happened, can't believe how, what and why.
At two days will make to one month that I am here. Furthermore I can say as for Budapest this city is wonderful, such because of the buildings, restaurants, stores, markets, culture, and people or because of the countless landscapes.
I learned so much since I arrived. But, I have idea how much I need to learn more. The world was not built with only one hand, but one million of the hands, so, I have one hand. I said this because I believe in my potential, know I can get it.
So, just only watch me!

My name is Leonardo Giovane, I am a Brazilian in Budapest.   

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